Krista Turcasso, MBA

Discipline: Mountain Adventure Skills Training (MAST)

Following in my business owner parents’ footsteps, I have found myself also running a business while raising a family. I have also become a mountain enthusiast in the town I grew up in.

I began teaching Entrepreneurship for the Mountain Adventure Skills Training program at the College in 2007. I also have instructed Italian language classes.

My master’s degree in business administration has been helpful in my work as the publisher/editor of the Fernie Fix magazine and the combination of the two have given me a unique skill set and perspective when it comes to small business and entrepreneurship. I also have experience as a member of a Board of Directors and have run non-profit organizations which have allowed me to share knowledge and gain experience in social enterprises, strategy, governance, policies, and more.

Outside of work, I’m a passionate mom and an avid mountain (and now gravel) biker. When the snow flies, I switch to powder skiing, skate skiing, and winter running.