Michelle Shewell

 Discipline/Teaching Area: Human Service Worker 

I joined the College in Winter 2020 as an auxiliary instructor for the Human Service Worker program, instructing online courses including Issues in Adolescence and Practicum. I have enjoyed learning and expanding my experiences as I have gotten to know the students and faculty in this role.

I have a Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in community development as well as a Bachelor of Social Work. I participate in ongoing training and community of practice group work in the area of narrative practices and trauma-informed practice. In addition to teaching at the College, I currently work a role that utilizes a prevention and community resilience framework to address gambling and video game addiction. I also sit on the Board of Directors for ANKORS which provides harm-reduction support services through the Kootenay Region. In this role, I am trained to operate and supervise harm-reduction services such as drug-checking (safe supply policy), overdose prevention and peer navigation. My professional interests are deeply rooted in addressing the policies and systems that perpetuate inequality in our society.

The ongoing front-line experiences that I have outside of the College provide students with the opportunity to learn how the coursework can relate to practice. I have worked in settings that aren’t considered traditional therapy or one-on-one support models, typically leaning towards work that pushes change at a macro level, and supports folks in a way that challenges the status quo of the current system. I am a lifelong learner and would like to share with students how it looks to link theory with practice in everyday work life.