Ollie Blake, PhD

Ollie joined the College of the Rockies in 2018. He has completed both Masters and PhD Degrees at Simon Fraser University in the Neuromuscular Mechanics Laboratory. He has also completed Post-Doctoral Research at the University of Victoria and a Diploma in High Performance Coaching from the National Coaching Institute. 

Ollie’s most recent research has been enhancing track cycling performance for Canada’s National Team (NSO) through electromyography (EMG) measurement and biomechanics modelling. This project was an extension of his Post-Doctoral research, with the NSO, to optimize pacing strategies for the team pursuit using EMG to estimate energy consumption and fatigue. In addition, he has been involved with creating performance analysis tools for the NSO by combining EMG with high resolution power output. The performance analysis tools are currently being used by the NSO during their off-track training, testing and monitoring to help identify areas of improvement of their high-performance athletes. In addition to high performance cycling, Ollie has examined potential mechanisms of injury on the Alpine Skiing World Cup, in collaboration with the University of Salzburg, in a project funded by the International Ski Federation.

When not teaching at the College, Ollie coaches various youth sports and is a Practicum Mentor for the Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership at the University of British Columbia. Ollie also enjoys many of the sports and recreation activities that the area has to offer such as mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, swimming, paddle boarding and tennis.