Sophie Larsen, MSc

Discipline: Biology and Chemistry

I have been teaching at the College as an auxiliary instructor since 2015. I have participated in the sustainability committee and the recently created Food Security Tiger Team. I am also leading the Living Lab Research Project in the 2022-2023 academic year.

I received my BSc from Bishops University in 2004, and my MSc in from Dalhousie in 2013. While at Dal I enjoyed teaching and completed a Certificate in University Teaching and Learning. Throughout my career I have held many research positions across a variety of fields including embryo development and mining operations. These experiences allow me to bring real word examples to the content we are learning in class.

My professional interests lie in the intersection of environmental science and food systems. In addition to my teaching at the College I work on food security projects, both locally and regionally. Through my position with a local non-profit and in partnership with many community organizations we have developed an open gate garden, built a commercial kitchen, held summits and training and food literacy events, and developed a food recovery program. Ensuring access to healthy, just, and sustainable food is compounded by climate change, and poses huge challenges, that require both academic research and systemic change. It is an ever-changing field that is grounded in basic human need; I am both challenged by the issues and passionate about the potential.

My teaching philosophy is to convey passion for the topic, engage students and give real world examples so that students are curious to learn more. Using an interactive learning approach (through field trips, guest speakers and hands on student directed learning), I hope to foster a rich and exciting learning experience. My goal is to convey to students that regardless of their career path, environment biology and chemistry will continue to be part of their everyday lives.