Tim Curnow, Red Seal Instructor

Discipline/Teaching Area: Professional Cook Program Coordinator

I joined the College in September 2001, starting out as an auxiliary chef instructor in the Class Act Dining Room before eventually becoming a full time chef instructor, and coordinator, with the Professional Cook program. Not only do I teach at the College, I am also a proud alumni. I completed the Short Order Cook program here in 1988 before moving on to complete my apprenticeship levels 1, 2 and 3. In 1992, I became a certified Red Seal Chef.

Throughout my years at the College we have progressed from paper tests and text books to fully digital content and exams. The use of culinary websites has improved students’ access to knowledge and provided them with an increased understanding of processes and procedures before they enter the kitchen. This gives them greater confidence as they start the hands-on components of the program. This practical component remains the largest piece of our program, and of the industry itself.

I encourage people to consider entering the trade of cooking, it is an exciting and rewarding one. There is a place for everyone in the Red Seal trade of cooking. All are welcome.