Vance Mattson, M.A.

Discipline/Teaching Area: Philosophy and Sociology

I began teaching at College of the Rockies in 1998. I’ve taught courses in philosophy (Ethics, Metaphysics & Epistemology, Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Contemporary Philosophy, and Bioethics), Sociology (The Individual and Society, Social Institutions, and Social Research Methods), and religious studies (World Religions, The Psychology of Religion, and The Search for Meaning). I have undertaken an education leave at the University of Waterloo, studying the intersection of psychology and religion and professional development in Switzerland studying the philosophy of Nietzsche.

I was born in Hay River, Northwest Territories, before moving to Springbank, Alberta. As an undergraduate I studied Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, and as a graduate student, Sociology and Philosophy at McGill University. Outside of my instructional work at the College, I study both eagle migration and the breeding population of Golden Eagles in the Rocky Mountains. I also enjoy traveling, hiking, reading and music.

All my courses share a mixed approach of lecture and discussion as well as media use and some group activities. Student perspectives are always encouraged. While ensuring the fundamentals are covered, each class is an opportunity to engage the subject matter critically, adding diverse perspectives and emerging with a greater understanding. We focus on the details of the given topic yet never lose sight of the larger picture. In time, students can begin to develop their own worldviews.