Vincent Lauzon

Discipline: Mountain Adventure Skills Training

Vince is an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Apprentice Mountain Guide. Since he started climbing in the bouldering gym as a teenager, the mountains have become the focus of his life. For the past 12 years, after dropping out of classical music school, he has traveled the world in search of climbing and skiing adventures. Vince teaches in the Mountain Adventure Skills Training (MAST) Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Ski Touring courses.

Growing up in Quebec, traveling always seemed to be the only way for him to spend time in the mountains. He went on to travel full-time for 8 years across the globe to eventually feel the desire to settle somewhere in the mountains he could call home. During his years on the road, Vince climbed first ascents on bolts, traditional gear, in the summer and in the winter on his ice tools, skied first descents, worked on sailboats and in scuba diving schools, guided week-long wilderness immersion programs, developed routes in untouched Mediterranean valleys, spent days in the slums of India and in the most luxurious villas in Greece and lived in his car for years.

Vince has been living in Canmore since 2020, and loves getting to know his playground from the comfort of his home. When Vince is not teaching courses or guiding objectives in his backyard, he can be found climbing, skiing, developing new routes and trail running in the same mountains. His passion never calmed down and he finds himself always looking for the next adventure.

Vince hopes to guide everything and work on every continent. When Vince is working, he enjoys the process of finding the best way to support his guests. Whether it is learning a new skill, overcoming their fear, getting to the summit of a great climb or finding the best skiing. He loves to hear stories and share his own around a good cup of coffee.