Building toward diversity

Russ Kinghorn

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Russ Kinghorn has worked as a professional engineer since 1986. For eight years, he sat on the Board of Directors for Engineers Canada, including a one-year term as president. Engineers Canada is a body which supports and encourages the growth of the engineering profession.

During his time on the Board, Russ helped to develop a strategic plan which included improving diversity within the engineering field. The College’s Giving Tuesday campaign inspired him to continue that work by creating the Engineers Canada Indigenous Access to Engineering bursary. He contributed a personal donation which was matched by Engineers Canada.

“Indigenous people are underrepresented in engineering by a factor of at least 10, compared to the general population of Canada,” he said. “Projects designed for Indigenous communities will be enhanced when completed by engineers who have an understanding of Indigenous culture and ways of life. I hope this bursary helps inspire Indigenous people to enter into rewarding careers as engineers, and help build better lives for those in Indigenous communities across Canada.”

After teaching for a semester in the College’s Engineering certificate program, and as a member of several Advisory Committees, Russ also has a connection to College of the Rockies.

“The College is well-positioned to provide the training students need to enter into and complete their first-year engineering program, and then to directly move into second year at university,” he added. “In fact, students who attend the College have a wide-range of education opportunities that lead to jobs so they can support themselves and their families, and feel like they make a difference in their communities. I’m happy to support the Engineering certificate program at the College and to promote diversity in the engineering field through this bursary.”