Sharon Molnar: Championing Education and Community Growth

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When you have a community member who is a passionate advocate for youth, education, and community vitality, great things can happen.

With a firm belief in the power of education and a profound dedication to her community’s welfare, Sharon Molnar has created the Molnar Scholarship.

Driven by the conviction that easing the financial burden of post-secondary education can open doors to a brighter future, Sharon wanted to support students in their pursuit of academics. Understanding that education is not merely a personal endeavor but a force for societal progress, she established the Molnar Scholarship, aimed at empowering deserving individuals to unlock their full potential.

The criteria for the Molnar Scholarship reflect Sharon’s commitment to fostering excellence and inclusivity. The Scholarship is tailored for students enrolled full-time in Engineering or University Sciences programs at the College, who exhibit not only financial need but also a commendable work ethic. It is also designed to support students continuing their education at the College or embarking on a journey to complete their degree in Engineering or Sciences elsewhere. Preference is given to those facing unique challenges such as single parenthood or career transitions, highlighting Sharon’s belief in the importance of equitable opportunities.

But Sharon’s generosity extends beyond individual aspirations; it is deeply rooted in a vision for the collective betterment of the East Kootenay region. She recognizes the pivotal role played by institutions like College of the Rockies in shaping the future of local communities. By providing accessible education and diverse opportunities, the College nourishes growth, empowerment, and economic sustainability.
By encouraging more students to pursue higher education locally, Sharon is cultivating a skilled workforce, many of whom will remain in our communities.

In Sharon’s eyes, supporting College of the Rockies’ students is not just an act of philanthropy but a strategic investment in the future of the East Kootenay region. It is a testament to her unwavering belief in the power of education to transform lives and uplift communities, one student at a time.