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Rene Kowalchuk and Denham Ford

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Rene Kowalchuk - General Manager, Denham Ford

Denham Ford has operated a full-service dealership serving Cranbrook, Kimberley, Creston, the Columbia Valley and the Elk Valley for 12 years. As a community-focused organization, the Denham team, led by General Manager Rene Kowalchuk, is committed to giving back. And as a company who hires graduates of the College’s Automotive Service Technician (AST) program, supporting the learning of AST students is a natural fit.

In partnership with Ford of Canada, Kowalchuk recently had the opportunity to demonstrate Denham’s philanthropic approach through the donation of a 2020 Ford F-150 truck to the AST program. Though considered unsellable because it had been involved in a flood, the truck arrived at the College in pristine condition, thanks to Kowalchuk’s team.

Also included in the donation is access to Ford’s Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) training which involves courses in everything from basic vehicle system fundamentals to some of the most current and detailed vehicle systems training.

Having access to updated training on newer model vehicles is a tremendous asset to AST students, one which will help them to be even more well-prepared to enter their careers as technicians. It is the benefits to the entire region that the College and its students bring that encouraged Kowalchuk to provide this support, however.

“The College is an important part of our community,” he said. “It helps to attract and keep people in our region. Having a quality post-secondary institution in our area allows young people to stay and makes Cranbrook more attractive as a ‘hub’.”