Supporting rigorous training

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Product Care Association is a not-for-profit organization which provides recycling services across nine Canadian provinces. They collect and recycle hazardous materials including paint, solvents, light bulbs, and smoke and CO alarms through a network of drop-off depots. Product Care is funded by their membership of over 700 producers of products regulated provincially under the Extended Producer Responsibility model. In 2011, they merged with the Tree Marking Paint Stewardship Association.

It was the merge with the Tree Marking Paint Stewardship Association that inspired Product Care to want to support individuals undertaking the rigorous training and certification requirements to become tree fellers. They created an endowment at Vancouver Foundation, in partnership with the Tree-Marking Paint Stewardship Association, to create the Product Care – Tree Marking Paint Bursary, an annual $1000 bursary awarded to a student who has completed the New Faller Training Program held in partnership with the BC Forest Safety Council at the College’s Golden campus.

Product Care chose to support the New Faller Training Program held at the College as a means to acknowledge the vital role the College plays in the education and skills development of the next generation of leaders in many B.C. communities.