A Career Progression

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Image of man in high-vis gear out in forest.

Kyle Gilchrist was familiar with the forestry industry, having worked as a tree planter. He was interested in learning about and gaining experience in different aspects of forestry work.

At his supervisor’s suggestion, Kyle enrolled in College of the Rockies’ Advanced Forestry Skills training.

Funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation and presented in partnership with Stillwater Consulting, the Advanced Forestry Skills program offered three intakes.  Kyle was a part of the first group of students to take the training and found it to be invaluable.

“This program provided me with the knowledge and experience to be employable within the industry as well as the ability to walk into my role as junior forest technician with confidence and enthusiasm.  Without this training, it may have taken a number of years to achieve the same certifications and level of education I got in this comprehensive course,” he says.

The training definitely paid off.  Immediately after completing the program – with an astounding 100% on his field exam! – Kyle found employment with a forestry consulting company in Golden, BC as a Junior Forest Technician.