A Fresh Start

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When Tanya Siddiqui moved to Canada, she was looking to continue her career as a licensed early childhood educator.

“I was already trained, certified, and had managed an elementary and secondary school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After a period of time in Dubai, UAE I came to Canada and wanted to have the license needed to practice in BC,” she said.

Though she already held a master’s in educational management from the University of Sheffield in the UK, Tanya began looking for the right place to complete the Canadian early childhood education training she’d need for licensing.

“I was looking for a program that was online and affordable,” she said. “I started researching and chose College of the Rockies and it turned out to be the best choice.”

Tanya completed both the Early Childhood Education certificate and the Infant/Toddler diploma online.

“The information I received from College of the Rockies is very high quality,” she said. “I was taught things that my peers in other colleges were not. It also enhanced my critical thinking skills, something that is lacking in other schools. The instructors are committed, supportive, and available at all times.”

Upon completion of the Early Childhood Education program, Tanya enrolled at the University of Victoria for her bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care. She is now a certified childcare licensing officer and a principal of a large childcare centre for children aged one to five years old.

“I’m really proud of my decision to choose College of the Rockies,” she said. “I would tell others considering choosing this school to think no more and just enrol. You will not regret it.”