A Strong Start Leads to Success

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Image of woman in red jacket standing on rocks during a snow storm.

When considering her post-secondary education, Collette Robertson wanted to acquire the necessary university credits to be able to transfer into Dalhousie University’s marine biology program.

She also wanted to be able to stay in Kimberley where her Dad lived. College of the Rockies offered everything she was looking for.

“The location was the main reason I applied to College of the Rockies.  I also liked that the class sizes were small; I saw that as a great asset when jumping back into academics after being out of school for two years.  Once I attended the College, I realized what a deal I had really received.  I had no idea just how great the instructors would be,” she says.

After completing two years of University Studies courses at the College, Collette was able to transfer into the Dalhousie Marine Biology program in Halifax, NS.  She completed a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology in 2013 and is currently working as a research assistant at Dalhousie.  Her work focuses on a phytoplankton-ballast water project in the oceanography department.

Feeling her time at COTR has contributed to her success, Collette highly recommends attending the College, especially for those looking to complete a degree.

“For anyone on the fence about attending the College, I would highly advise it, especially the University Studies program.  I am so happy I decided to go there and that I was able to get to know my instructors as people.  I believe the relationships I built with them allowed me to make connections with my professors at a larger institution like Dalhousie as well.  Not being intimidated by professors is a key to success in university.”

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