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Growing up in Cranbrook, Dr. Allison Pepper, DC always knew her future would include post-secondary, she just wasn’t sure what she’d study.

When she realized she could take university-level courses at College of the Rockies and transfer them to a university later, the decision about where to start her education was an easy one.

“I could take university classes in the comfort of my hometown,” she says. “And the College offers certificates, diplomas and degrees, which was a huge draw for me.”

Passionate about volleyball, being able to continue to play for the College’s women’s volleyball team was an added bonus. Allison remained at the College for two years, taking University Studies courses and playing for the Avalanche.

Allison then seamlessly transferred all of her courses to the University of Lethbridge where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree.

Returning to Cranbrook after graduation, she was once again offered a spot on the College’s volleyball team. With the thought that she might one day be in business for herself, she enrolled in the Business Management program to fulfil the academic requirements of rejoining the team. After another two years at the College, Allison completed a Business Management certificate and had solidified her decision about her future career.

“I always knew I wanted to be in the health care industry, especially in a more holistic role,” she adds. “I debated between physical therapy and chiropractic for a few years but then watched how my mom was helped by her chiropractor after an injury. That, combined with the fact that my dad has always been an advocate for chiropractic care helped to solidify my decision.”

Allison chose to attend the University of Western States, an integrated health sciences university in Portland, Oregon to complete her doctorate. “It was closer than Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and I was able to complete my doctorate in three years,” she says. “Plus living in Portland seemed like a great adventure.”

With her Doctorate of Chiropractic complete, Allison embarked on a month of travel before starting her career. She currently practices at Kimberley Chiropractic & Custom Orthotics.

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