An Unconventional Path

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Image of man in white medical jacket with a kitten in his pocket.

Kris came to College of the Rockies in 2003 after a not-so-successful year at the University of Calgary.

He was drawn to the College because of the volleyball program and because he had some familiarity with the region, having lived in Cranbrook for a few years when growing up.

During his year at the College, he took a mixture of courses that led him to decide to pursue psychology.  But first, he decided to pursue his first passion – volleyball.  Kris decided to bring his skills to the University of Saskatchewan while he continued his education.  His play there led to him earning a position on the Canadian National team. This became a gateway for a professional career.  Kris played professionally in Europe and the Middle East for 5 years before returning to Canada.

With his wife in Cranbrook and his great relationship with (then) men’s volleyball coach Steve Kamps, Kris returned to College of the Rockies.  He helped coach the men’s team and was able to take all of the courses at the College required to apply for his new passion – veterinary school.  It was a perfect fit.

After completing courses at the College, Kris was ready to move on to veterinary school.  Options were limited in Canada, however. As a BC resident he was only eligible to apply for the University of Saskatchewan’s program – a program whose applicants far exceed available spaces.  Lucky for Kris, he was able to find a great school in the Cayman Islands.

After completing his education there, and working as associate veterinarian, Kris went on to complete a residency in veterinary radiology. He now lives in Houston, Texas where he continues to work with animals as a veterinary radiologist.

Through it all, he values the time he spent at College of the Rockies.  “The courses I took at the College definitely prepared me for everything I faced afterward.  The smaller class sizes combined with the quality instructors made it so much better than what I had experienced at the larger universities. “

“It is easy to take what you have for granted and I don’t think the students at the College realize how good they have it.  Fortunately for myself, I was able to come back and take full advantage of what the College has to offer.”