Finding her calling

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Haley Pelton wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduating from high school in 2007. She began taking University Studies courses at College of the Rockies because of the affordable tuition and ability to remain at home.

Two years of University Studies allowed Haley to take a variety of courses to explore her options and interests. Once she completed her College of the Rockies studies she transferred to University of Lethbridge to complete her Bachelor of Science.

“I had no problem getting full transfer credit at the University of Lethbridge for the courses I studied at the College.  I also found that I had a much better experience of first and second year science courses than other students who completed them at U of L, especially labs, because of the smaller class sizes and individual attention from instructors.  I was able to complete three different animal dissections in my vertebrate biology class with Betty Mosher – that would not have been an option at a larger university,” Haley says.

Through her Bachelor of Science studies, Haley discovered a keen interest in science and health care as well as in women’s studies and social justice.  A career in midwifery seemed like the perfect fit.  To make sure, Haley first returned to College of the Rockies for the Birth Doula program which she saw as a stepping stone to midwifery and an opportunity to get experience to make sure maternity care was what she wanted to do.

It was enough to help solidify her career path.  Haley is currently attending the University of British Columbia’s Midwifery program.  “I am very excited to continue my studies in maternity care and look forward to practicing midwifery back in the Kootenays one day,” she adds.

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