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Image of man in safely glasses in front of board with electronics.

Josh Prasad has always found electricity fascinating. Having the ability to complete his Electrical Apprenticeship program so close to his hometown of Marysville, BC helped him transfer his interest in electricity into his career.

Josh enrolled in the electrical pre-apprenticeship training at College of the Rockies in 2008.  Upon graduating, he decided to continue his learning through the apprenticeship program.

While enrolled in the apprenticeship program, Josh found work with a variety of local companies performing residential and commercial building in the electrical trade.  “I really enjoyed seeing how the theory portion of our training shows up in practical situations in the workforce,” Josh said.

Since completing his 4th year of the apprenticeship program, Josh has filled the role of foreman, lead hand, overseen quality control and has run small projects for a young company.  He is currently assisting a friend with the completion of an $18 million electrical job.

His choice to pursue work in the industrial oil and gas field has served him well, allowing him to further his electrical career.  He’s glad he was able to get his start at College of the Rockies.

“The option for me to complete my school so close to home has allowed me to really focus on my career,” Josh says.  “The staff and facilities at the College were phenomenal.  I looked forward every year to getting back to school and I wish I still had some years to complete.  Doing my apprenticeship training at College of the Rockies has gotten me where I am today.”

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