From COTR to Doctor

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Raised in Kimberley, Lori Wik knew that College of the Rockies was the ideal first step for her long educational journey.

“I chose College of the Rockies because of geography, social supports that I had already established and because of cost.  I absolutely saved money in the years I was at the College, not just with tuition but for living as well,” Lori says.

After completing two years of University Transfer Science courses at College of the Rockies, Lori went on to complete a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Medicine with special training in research.  She is now a General Internal Medicine Specialist in Cranbrook and has volunteered as a clinical teacher in The Gambia, West Africa.

Being able to begin her education close to home was a great option for Lori.  She explains, “College of the Rockies was an excellent stepping stone towards transferring to a university science program.  I had the intent all along of applying for medical school as soon as I was eligible.”

Her time at College of the Rockies had an unexpected reward as well.  “I married one of my friends that I met in my first year at College of the Rockies.  We now have four children.”

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