From immigrant to Canada’s railway

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Image of man in sunglasses with backpack on rocky ledge.

Originally from Albania, Mark Kola arrived in Canada from the United Kingdom on a study visa. He chose to live in Kimberley, where his wife’s family had a home, and enrolled in the English Language program at College of the Rockies.

“I spoke English already as I had lived in the UK for six years but as I had learned from direct communication and text messaging, I needed to greatly improve things like spelling.  Learning English from COTR was like repairing an old car – the teachers were able to determine what needed work and focus on those areas,” Mark says.

Working his way through the various levels of the English Language program, Mark’s grasp of the English language continued to improve and he found himself more marketable in the workforce.

Having recently been hired by, and undergoing training with, Canadian Pacific Railway, Mark is grateful for the College’s contribution to his success.

“If it wasn’t for the English program I took at COTR, I would never have had the opportunity to be accepted for this job.  The teachers were very helpful.  The amount of energy they put in is incredible.  Gayle Smith and Joy Brown are the best teacher’s I’ve ever had,” he adds.

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