Kick-start to a great career

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Kc enjoyed using technology in high school. He saw that College of the Rockies was offering a two-year program for Network Support Technician (NST) and decided it was the right fit for him.

Being able to complete his education while remaining at home and the reasonable tuition rates available at the College were added perks to enrolling in the program.

After completing his two years of education, Kc was quickly able to find employment at a small internet service provider in Cranbrook before moving on to a position at HP Advanced Solutions in Victoria as a Server Administrator.  “I find a lot of what I learned in school applies to my job every day.  I’m very glad I took the program,” Kc says.

His move to Victoria worked out well, as his girlfriend who had been taking her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the College was relocating to Victoria to complete her program.  The summer of 2014 proved to be exciting for the couple as they celebrated both Chelsea’s graduation and their wedding.

Although the Network Support Technician program is not currently being offered at the College, its influence has had a clear impact on Kc’s career path and he is thankful he took the program.

“I feel that the NST program covered a lot of areas of IT and I am still using the tools and software I learned to use at the College.  These courses were a great bang for my buck and I would not be where I am today without them,” he adds.