10 Questions with John

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Image of young Asian man with glasses sitting in front of a garden.

Remember John?  He did a guest blog a little while ago about how to manage your time as a busy student. John sure knows busy. He balances school with a part-time job and his roles of president of the Students’ Association and of Student Ambassador. As an international student at the College, John has a unique experience of College of the Rockies. I asked him 10 questions to get to know him a little better – and so you can too.

1.  What program are you in?

I am in the BBA, Business Administration Bachelor program.

2. Where are you from?

I am from China.  A city close to Beijing.

3.  Why did you want to come to school in Canada?

I think Canada has a better education system compared to China and also I wanted to have the ability to be able to see the world from a more international perspective and to make friends from different cultures.

4.  Why did you choose College of the Rockies?

I think the first one is the tuition is pretty affordable.  It is not crazy like compared to a university.  And also it is a small class environment in the College and you can actually talk, like I can actually reach my instructor every day if I have questions they can answer for me and the service is very good here.  All the student service, all the international office service is great here.  Actually we have a smaller student body compared to the number of staff so you can get more help, more information individually compared to university.

5.  What is your favourite thing about Canada so far?

I think it is the people are super friendly; the social side, kind of the social environment.  Canada has kind of an equal opportunity for everybody so that as long as you work hard you can get what you want.  It’s open and clear for everybody.

6.  What’s the toughest thing about being in Canada?

I think its the winter. It’s -29, -30 and my car yesterday morning couldn’t start. So I need to recharge the car.  The winter is tough.

7.  What is your favourite zoo animal?

Zoo animal?  Uh, I think it’s the swan.  Yah, I think they’re like elegant, like you know beautiful, elegant and they are very quiet.  Also, I know they are loyal to their partner.  In their one life they only have one partner and they’re always elegant, you know well behaved. So I think that is a very good personality.

8.  Are you a clean or a messy person?

I think I’m a clean person. In my life I try to do my laundry and clean my room every day or every week.  I like to keep myself organized because I am so busy so I want to keep everything on the right track.  And for my study part, I always try to organize everything I have so I can plan everything and I don’t get lost.

9.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I think I can maybe own my own company.  I will be getting my degree in another one year so in the 10 years from that I want to work 1 or 2 years and get some experience at an entry level, like the skills in the business industry.  And then I want to open my own business, like some online business, e-business.  I think probably in Canada or for a couple of years in Canada and if it is doing well, with an e-business, I can also expand my business so easily online.  And China has a large market, the largest market in the world so it is one of the most important targets.

10.  What was the last movie you watched?

It’s a Chinese movie, like an action movie.