A life transformed through the generosity of others

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“Scholarships and bursaries have provided me with priceless experiences and memories abroad and have helped me plan for my future career without any worries about debt.”

In his four years at College of the Rockies, Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices student, Daniel Denegri, has made great use of the scholarships and bursaries available. He has twice received both the International Learning Abroad Scholarship and the Irving K. Barber International Bursary. He has also been awarded the Brian Pagnucco Computer Technology Memorial Award, the BDO Canada LLP scholarship, and the John Leask Memorial Scholarship.

“Many times, people don’t apply for scholarships because they don’t believe they will be eligible,” he said. “Regardless of your financial or academic standing, it is always worthwhile to apply for scholarships and bursaries.”

The International Learning Abroad Scholarship and the Irving K. Barber International Bursary enabled Daniel to enhance his educational experience through international learning experiences.

“They provided me with the incredible opportunity to travel during my time at the College,” he said. “I have been able to go to Tanzania to conduct gender equality research and have also been able to study abroad in Andorra for a semester. On both trips I was able to meet some incredible people, share amazing experiences, and develop connections with locals which taught me a lot about the local culture and was a tremendous help in developing my social skills.”

In addition to providing the chance to learn abroad, scholarships and bursaries have also provided Daniel with peace of mind as he prepares to complete his final year of school and embark on his career.

“Receiving these scholarships and bursaries has had an immeasurable impact on my life,” he said. “They’ve helped me achieve my goal of completing post-secondary debt-free which is a huge weight off of my shoulders.”

For Daniel, the benefits from receiving scholarships and bursaries have been so substantial, he would encourage all College students to apply.

“It can provide you funds that are necessary in pushing you toward your educational goals and takes a lot of the burden that finances can be off your back,” he said. “The process is straight forward and the College has done a phenomenal job of simplifying and streamlining the application process.

“You only need to complete one application form to apply for all of the scholarships. It took me no more than 15 minutes to fill out the College’s application. For the Irving K. Barber scholarships, the application process took no more than a day, but the reward was being able to travel and create unforgettable memories.

Daniel is especially thankful for donors who have established scholarships and bursaries at the College, or who contribute to existing awards.

“These scholarships and bursaries help countless students achieve their educational goals, which in turn creates phenomenal citizens that will contribute greatly to society for years to come. I’m extremely grateful for the donors that have made my scholarships and bursaries possible.”