A perfect record

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Image shows man in a suit sitting behind three trophies sitting on a table.

In recognition of 10 years of the Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Operations (BBA) program, we have been looking back on, and celebrating, success stories from many of our alumni. For our penultimate post we’re excited to introduce you to BBA instructor Rezin (Butch) Butalid.

Butch, who earned an accounting degree and CPA licence from the Philippines, and a Master of Business Administration from the United Kingdom, began teaching Business courses at the College in 2008.

Shortly after joining the College, Butch began coaching business diploma students in the annual Western Canadian Business Competition. The senior team, made up of BBA students, first competed in 2014, and then again in 2019 and 2020. In each of these years, Butch and the senior team walked away with trophies. (Note: diploma students are also regular winners at the competition under Butch’s coaching)

The Western Canadian Business Competition is a comprehensive undergraduate business competition which sees students work together in teams to develop strategic solutions in a simulated business scenario. In 2014, the first year BBA students competed, the College team won the top prize in a pre-competition simulation. Upon returning to competition in 2019, the College team again saw success, earning the trophy for Top Team in their division, with team member Bradley Schmidt taking home second in the Individual category. In 2020, the College team was awarded two of the three highest awards: Top Team and Top Simulation Score.

When asked about the success of the teams he coaches, Butch humbly gives the credit to his students.

“They are well-motivated, have excellent group synergy, work well in a group setting, are enthusiastic and have excellent knowledge and communication skills,” he said. “They work hard leading up to the competitions and I’m always excited to see that hard work rewarded.”

“It’s inspiring to see our success over the years, and Butch has excelled in helping our business teams reach their potential,” said Darrell Bethune, Dean of Business and University Studies. “That kind of success doesn’t just happen; it takes a lot of hard work. It also shows all just how well business management students do at College of the Rockies. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

Though it is yet unknown if the 2021 Western Canadian Business Competition will be going ahead, we’re certain there are many more wins ahead for Butch and his teams.


PHOTO: Coach Butch Butalid poses with some of the hardware his Business teams have brought home from the Western Canadian Business Competition.