An early start on a hands-on career

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Image of young woman in safety glasses sitting in front of electrical boards

Kaitlyn Hamilton wants a career that will allow her to use her hands and she is on the fast-track to getting there. Currently in grade 12, she has enrolled in the College’s Electrician foundation program through Youth Train in Trades, an ITA initiative that provides an opportunity for grade 11 or 12 students to earn high school credits while also getting a head start on completing an apprenticeship program.

Once she completes her current training, she will return to high school in Elkford to finish her grade 12 year. After graduation, she hopes to get an apprenticeship and continue on with the electrical trade.

With females making up almost half of the students in her program, Kaitlyn is having no trouble adjusting to a traditionally male-dominated trade and is loving being able to do practical, hands-on work that is relevant to the topics being covered in class.

“If another female was considering taking a trade at the College, I would tell them to do it,” Kaitlyn said. “It’s been a great experience so far. It opens so many doors and can take you so many different places. It’s extremely worth it.”