Artistic Endeavours

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Image of woman wearing a welding beanie, safety glasses, and welding gloves, holding a welding helmet.

Meet Carly.  Carly grew up in Penticton but when she needed a change of scenery earlier this year, her grandparents offered to let her stay with them in Kimberley.  She is familiar with the area, having visited it often to see family when she was growing up and loves it here.  The smaller size, lifestyle, and the snowboarding are all big draws for her.

Carly had taken business courses while living in Penticton but found it didn’t appeal to her.  Her brother suggested that because of her creative and artistic abilities, and her knack for seeing things in three dimensions that perhaps welding was something she should consider.

So far, it appears her brother was right.  She is having a lot of fun with the program, finding it to be quite creative.  She believes there are endless directions she can take it.

She took a blacksmithing course through the College’s continuing education department and would love to be able to take more and to incorporate more of that type of thing into her work.  A true artist at heart, she is also interested in metal sculpture.

“I see pieces of scrap metal and can imagine other, artistic, uses for them,” she says.

For now, she plans to continue her welding training right through to her Red Seal ticket and would recommend that other women consider a career in the trades.

“You don’t have to be big, mean and tough to be in the trades,” she adds.

We couldn’t agree more, Carly – and we can’t wait to see what types of creations you fabricate with your new skills.