Benefits of getting involved in student activities

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Today we have a guest blog from College of the Rockies’ Students’ Association President and Bachelor of Business Administration student, John Li.  Thanks for the great tips, John.

Getting involved in student activities is one of the most important things a student should do in the College. There are many ways to get involved: from volunteering in College activities, being active in student clubs, joining the student government, going on a College trip, or participating in College-related activities like the Open House and Career Fair.

There are many benefits of getting involved in student activities.

First, it helps you meet new people and make friends. You are able to find students who have the same interests and values. It is really good to build friendships and find a study partner.

Second, student activities can help you learn more about the institution and prepare for your academic study. It eases the transition from high school to college.

Third, it will create a sense of connection between the students and the College. Students can be more familiar with resources and services provided by the College, which will help in future studies.

Fourth, many College students feel stress with busy schedules; however, getting involved in student activities can take away stress. It is great to mix social activities with busy College studies.

Fifth, student activities practice many soft skills including leadership, communication, team work, problem-solving, time management, and public speaking skills; these are essential skills in future studies and work.

There are many other benefits associated with getting involved with student activities. I would recommend all students to be actively a part of some student activities, developing interests and enjoying your time at College of the Rockies!