Catching Up with a College of the Rockies Alumna

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Image of young woman in white lab coat and safety glasses pouring blue liquid from one beaker to another.

Rachel Green’s interest in chemistry and biology began in high school.  Taking additional courses in these subjects at College of the Rockies helped reinforce her desire to pursue a career in the sciences.

Being from Cranbrook, Rachel chose the College because of its location and because it was more affordable than going directly to university.  She also found it to be a great way to transition from high school to post-secondary and then to transfer to university to complete her degree.

While at the College, Rachel really appreciated the availability of her instructors.  “They were always here and willing to answer questions.  Even though I have moved on from the College, they are still here for me and continue to answer questions for me,” she says.

The small class sizes at the College helped Rachel to thrive.  “I wouldn’t have learned as well in a larger classroom.  With the small classes at the College, you get more personal attention and the instructors would adapt lessons to fit the needs of the students in the class,” she adds.

Now at the University of Alberta working on completing her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry and a minor in biology, Rachel is glad she started at College of the Rockies.  “I likely wouldn’t have passed if I started elsewhere,” she admits. “I recommend everyone do science courses at the College.  University is a much different experience, much less personal.”

Thanks for sharing your update with us, Rachel. You make us #SmallCollegeProud  Best of luck in the rest of your studies!