Exciting new opportunity for two COTR BSN students

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Lovleen Hayer looks forward to fulfilling her dream of becoming a perioperative nurse through the COTR/Interior Health Perioperative BSN Learning Pathway.

Picture this: you’re a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) student, cruising through your program at College of the Rockies, when suddenly, bam! An opportunity of a lifetime knocks on your door. That’s exactly what happened to two stellar students, Amanjyot Sidhu and Lovleen Hayer. These future Florence Nightingales have been handpicked for the exclusive 2024-2025 COTR/Interior Health Perioperative BSN Learning Pathway at East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

This unique opportunity allows fourth-year BSN students to dive deep into the world of perioperative (that’s operating room) nursing, setting them up for success as new grad nurses in a specialized field.

“Though this program is not new to Interior Health, it is a new opportunity for students in our region and at our hospital,” said Shawna Ryan, BSN program coordinator. “Participation will provide these students the education required to meet the qualifications to work in the complex practice environment of perioperative (operating room) nursing and, upon successful completion, they will be qualified to work in operating rooms as New Graduate Nurses. This is a tremendous opportunity for Lovleen and Amanjyot.”

How did Amanjyot and Lovleen snag this opportunity? Well, it all started with an invite to apply for

Photo of young woman in scrubs, mask, a hair covering. and dark glasses looks out at camera.
Amanjyot Sidhu took a moment during her surgical rotation in Year 2 of the BSN program to snap a selfie.

Employed Student Nurse (ESN) positions. After nailing their interviews, they were offered spots in the Perioperative BSN Learning Pathway.

“The opportunity to work closely with surgical teams, provide compassionate care to patients before, during, and after surgery and contribute to ensuring smooth and safe surgical procedures greatly appeals to me,” Amanjyot said. “Being selected for the opportunity to specialize in perioperative nursing filled me with an overwhelming sense of validation and excitement. Ever since my surgical rotation in year 2, I’ve been drawn to this area of nursing. The prospect of diving into a new specialty during my fourth year and receiving support through an ESN position is truly remarkable.”

“Perioperative nursing is an area of nursing I have been interested in for some time but, it was also my surgical rotations during Year 2 that solidified my true passion for it,” added Lovleen. “My instructors during my surgical placements were instrumental in developing my interest for this specialty. They provided me with opportunities to follow my patients to the OR and watch their surgeries. I was extremely lucky and got to watch C-Sections, hip replacements, knee replacements, and even a clavicular hardware removal. My instructors saw my interest for the OR developing and they really supported me and helped guide me. I got to see patients get admitted onto the surgical unit, get prepared for surgery, see their surgery, and then follow them through their recovery and discharge.”

Interior Health provides the ESN opportunities which Amanjyot and Lovleen will participate in while also completing their undergraduate commitments.  Interior Health additionally covers the cost of the theory.

“I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the perioperative environment and gaining hands-on experience alongside experienced OR nurses and surgical teams,” Amanjyot said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to start on this pathway and am committed to striving for excellence in this setting.”

Lovleen couldn’t agree more. “This is an opportunity I really wanted and I’m very excited to begin my journey toward perioperative nursing. I look forward to learning more about a nursing specialty I am passionate about and to being able to practice the skills and theory I’ll learn.”

Registered nurses are already in demand in BC. Having the chance to be trained in a specialization like perioperative care will open even more doors for Amanjyot and Lovleen to pursue their passion.

So, here’s to Amanjyot and Lovleen, the dynamic duo destined for greatness in the world of perioperative nursing. We’re cheering you on as you embark on this thrilling journey, and we can’t wait to see where it takes you.

College of the Rockies’ BSN program is held in partnership with University of Victoria.