Fulfilling her dreams

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Image of a dark-haired woman standing on a large truck.

Destyni Basil is a mom on a mission.  Looking to make the best life for herself and for her daughter she knew school was part of the equation.   She had developed an interest in mechanics and considered taking the Automotive Service Technician program.  However, through discussions with the Aboriginal Mentoring & Training Association (AMTA) she decided that Heavy Duty Equipment Technician was actually the right program for her.

With her daughter as inspiration, Destyni is doing what it takes to achieve her goals.  In addition to driving back and forth between Creston and Cranbrook for the Heavy Duty Equipment program, she also successfully ran for a Council position with the Lower Kootenay Band.  She is now in charge of the social profile and works hard to improve the quality of life for her community.

While returning to school was an important step for Destyni, it was a little overwhelming.  “I was very nervous about school.  I was scared about not doing well.  The first day I didn’t even know the names of the tools,” she says.  “Spencer, my instructor, was so kind and helped me to deal with my fears and made me feel comfortable.  I wasn’t expecting that level of support in College.”

Being more of a visual learner, Destyni loves the hands-on aspect of the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program the most.  “It helps me to absorb the theory when I am able to apply it to the actual machinery,” she adds.

Completing her Foundation/Level 1 program in May 2015, Destyni has found employment with a logging company in Creston but plans to return to the College to complete the rest of the levels she needs to earn her Red Seal certification.  Further down the road, she’s considering the possibility of opening up her own shop.

Though Destyni spends most of her College time in the shop and classroom, she is really enjoying her College experience.  “It’s a very supportive school,” she says.  “If I ever needed help I know it would be available to me here.”