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Image of young dark-haired woman in scrubs standing next to hospital bed.

Dallas Cardinal-Clement is a strong, independent woman.  She is also a woman who wants to help others.  When her two kids started school Dallas, with the support of her husband, decided she would go back to school as well.  The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program gave her the opportunity to work toward a high-demand career that allows her to care for others.

College of the Rockies was not new to Dallas when she started the BSN program.  She had taken several courses at the College previously and had earned a Business Administration certificate.  At one time she also ran her own business.  Dallas has always found the staff and instructors at the College very helpful and nice.

Being familiar with the College, Dallas – a member of the St. Mary’s Indian Band – acts as an Aboriginal Student Mentor for other students.  She meets weekly with other Aboriginal students to help them adjust to the College environment and to try to build the Aboriginal community within the College.

Outside of school, Dallas is also a Teepee Pole Champion for the St. Mary’s Band.  The Band’s strategic plan was created with the teepee in mind.  The teepee poles are the vital supports for the rest of the structure.  Currently, because of her business background, Dallas’ focus is on the economy teepee pole, but will be requesting a change to a health focus in the future.  In her current role she helps to champion the business ideas of members of her community and meets regularly with other teepee pole champions to help keep the foundation of their strategic plan strong.

If that is not enough to keep her busy, Dallas spends her “free” time as a hockey /soccer mom for her two kids and is working on home renovations with her husband.  Whew!  Sounds like she’s a perfect fit for a busy career as a Registered Nurse.