Gifts for our Nursing Programs

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Image shows students and instructors gathered around a simulator mannequin lying on a hospital bed.

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program got some very exciting news when it was announced by Premier Christie Clark that the entire 4-years of the program will be held at the Cranbrook campus of the College (previously, students transferred to UVic to complete the final three semesters).

That might the biggest news – but it is not the only exciting thing going on in our nursing programs. Recently, we were able to obtain a state-of-the-art SimMan (simulator mannequin) for use by both the BSN and Practical Nursing students.

Our students now have the opportunity to perform scenario-based training on a highly realistic simulator that includes the ability to display neurological as well as physiological symptoms.  It also includes automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils and the ability to excrete bodily fluid – including blood.  Sounds a little gruesome – but it is really quite amazing.  I even witnessed the SimMan crying and sweating.

This new SimMan will allow our BSN and PN students to simulate and practice almost any scenario that they could encounter in a clinical setting.  Working with a simulator allows students to consolidate their clinical thinking and their skills – preparing them with increased confidence, efficiency and safety for when they are in real-life situations.

The SimMan is wireless and provides quick scenario debriefing to help determine whether learning objectives are being met – so students know right away whether they employed the proper skills and techniques in reaction to their specific scenario.

Plus – did I mention that it can cry, sweat and bleed?

What a great new tool for our nursing students – helping them to become even better nurses in the future.