Hard work really pays off

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Jadyn Gould worked hard to earn good grades in high school. Her commitment to her studies not only gave her a sense of personal pride and a great work ethic, but it turned out to have significant financial benefits as well.

With the goal of becoming a teacher, Jadyn applied for the Pre-Education program at College of the Rockies for fall 2020. She also applied for Entrance Scholarships.

“I received the Academic Excellence Scholarship which has had a huge impact on my education and life in general,” she said. “This scholarship covered my entire first year of tuition which is crazy. College is expensive so to receive this award was a major relief financially.”

Though obviously not afraid of putting in hard work, Jadyn found the Entrance Scholarship application process was effortless to navigate.

“It was extremely easy,” she said. “I also applied for some local scholarships through my high school and those were way more complex. It only took me about 20 to 30 minutes, and it was so straightforward and simple that I didn’t even need to ask for help.”

With tuition covered for her first year of her education, Jadyn is getting a great start on her path to becoming a mathematics teacher. She plans to enrol in the Bachelor of Education program held at the Cranbrook campus in partnership with the University of Victoria and is open to either teaching close to home (she’s a Kimberley native) or wherever an opportunity might present itself.

“The world has a lot to offer, so it would be cool to teach somewhere that I’ve never been to before,” she said.

In the meantime, she expresses tremendous gratitude to the donors that make scholarships like the one she received possible.

“I want to say thank you,” she said. “I am so appreciative, and it really has had an enormous impact on my life. Not having to worry about my first year of tuition has been amazing. So, thank you very much!”