Learning Comes From Unexpected Places

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Image shows young man with glasses standing in the front of a classroom of students.

Our first-year Practical Nursing students had a unique opportunity to learn from a very special guest speaker recently.  Rory Smith – a 14-year old middle-school student – was one of the winners of the recent Health and Science Fair and came to share his research with our PN students.

Rory’s project involved studying the effects of polyphenols on bacteria – focussing on diet and the link between free radicals and increased cancer risk.

While undertaking the research for his project, Rory utilized the College’s chemistry lab and equipment.  Dr. David Dick, Chemistry instructor for the College, assisted him with extracting the polyphenols – providing equipment, advice and an extra set of hands when needed.

Our Practical Nursing students were in the midst of course work focused on cancer. Instructor Dawn Storgaard always has her students research risk factors for any disease they are studying and strives to seek out Canadian resources and research whenever possible and she found an ideal resource in Rory.

The PN students found Rory to be very passionate about his topic.  He explained his research fully and really inspired our students with his youth and energy.  They (and all of us) are cheering him on as he travels to Montreal in May to showcase his project at the 55th annual Canada – Wide Science Festival.

Good luck, Rory.  And thanks for sharing your fascinating research with our students.  Kudos to Dawn Storgaard as well – for finding inspiration for her students in a – perhaps – unexpected place.