Making a difference: bursaries and the student experience

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Sheena Watts’ goal of completing the Aboriginal Education Support Worker diploma at College of the Rockies became a reality, with the help of the Ujamaa Bursary.

Established by the College of the Rockies’ Faculty Association (CORFA) in 2021 in recognition of Black History Month, the Ujamaa Bursary was named for one of the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. This Bursary splits a $1,500 award between up to three applicants from the Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC) communities to use toward education-related or living expenses. Students from all programs are eligible but they must have attended classes at the College for at least one semester and plan to attend classes in the following semester.

“The Ujamaa Bursary was such an incredible help in my educational journey,” Sheena said. “It made it possible to afford courses that would have been impossible otherwise. It helped me realize that when everything seems unreachable or unattainable, somehow, someway it will all work out. Students should never give up and be on the look out for scholarships and bursaries like the Ujamaa Bursary that are there to help.”

Sheena is grateful to CORFA for establishing this bursary and for the impact it has had on her life.

“The gratitude I have for this amazing opportunity is something I will hold onto for my entire career. The application process was so simple and well worth applying for,” she said. “It helped me in such a way that made carrying on my educational journey possible. Thank you for making my goals reachable.”

Having had her life so positively impacted by the Ujamaa Bursary, Sheena encourages other students to put forth the minimal effort needed to apply for bursaries and scholarships.

“If you are a student, and not just a ‘struggling student’, any help means you can focus more on your education and on flourishing, rather than worrying about finances.”

More information about the Ujamaa Bursary, and other available scholarships and bursaries can be found on our website.