Meet Anna-Marie Rautenbach

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Image shows woman smiling outside french chocolate shop.

A true explorer by heart, South African born Anna-Marie lived and worked in three countries before settling in Canada a decade ago.

Along the way, she earned undergraduate and graduate qualifications in Food and Nutrition, Consumer Guidance, and Post School Education in South Africa and an MBA in Hospitality Management in the United Kingdom. She began teaching in the College’s Hospitality Management diploma program in August 2017.

“I am passionate about hospitality, having worked in the industry, as well as education, for more than 20 years. Instructing in this program is a great opportunity to share my experiences with students – the future of our industry.”

And what experiences she’s had to share. An avid traveller and culinary tourist who enjoys experiencing new cultures, Anna-Marie is also a treasure-trove of talents. A self-described avid hobbyist, she creates wooden decorations, designs and sews bears and gnomes, blows sugar, prepares mouth-watering chocolate creations, and constructs both sugar and chocolate showpieces. Wow!

A resident of the Columbia Valley, you can also find Anna-Marie hiking and kayaking throughout the region.

As an instructor, Anna-Marie has learned the importance of keeping to a routine, providing clear course expectations at the beginning of each semester, and encouraging participation and discussion. She provides the following advice to her students:

“Don’t lose focus of your own personal goals – both for your education and your career. And remember, we’re all in this together.”