Meet Dr. Oludare Sokoya

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“Teaching and mentoring students has become a passion for me. It allows me to assist students in realizing their full potential, which means they can then contribute to their communities”.

Oludare Sokoya grew up in the southwestern part of Nigeria, where he completed his first degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering before moving to South Africa for post-graduate studies. Oludare went on to complete both a Master degree and a PhD in Engineering. He also holds a Project Management Professional certification.

As a graduate studies student, Oludare earned the responsibility of providing tutorial classes for his classmates.

“It was during this time that my passion for teaching began,” he said.

Though still an emerging technology, autonomous systems are not new to Oludare. He has experience in a variety of industries whose operations centred on the use of autonomous systems, including with an oil and gas company in Nigeria, and a network equipment manufacturer in South Africa. He has also instructed autonomous systems curriculum at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa.

With close to 10 years of teaching experience under his belt, Oludare is looking forward to a new opportunity at College of the Rockies.

“As an instructor, I learn every day from my students,” he said. “I often learn faster ways of doing things, and also, that I can make a positive impact in their lives.”

The Autonomous Systems Technician program will be held primarily online, with some face-to-face delivery in a modified and appropriately physically -distanced classroom.

“I plan to provide real-time engagement with my students and to make studying online flexible and fun,” he said.

As a balance to his engineering background, Oludare lets his musical side shine, playing the trumpet and performing vocally.  “My singing is not bad,” he said.

As we continue to navigate the world through the COVID-19 pandemic, Oludare believes this can be an exciting time for autonomous systems field.

“Since many people are working remotely now, technologies that can handle things like cyber security, artificial intelligence, and more will take centre stage in the days to come.”

His advice to students is to find balance between the skills they will learn in the classroom, and the additional skills they need to be successful.

“Build soft skills like problem solving, time management, and ways of handling stress,” he advises. “And take ownership of your studies. We are living in challenging times where doing the minimum is not enough.”