Meet Jennifer Cooper

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Image shows woman with long dark hair in front of a wooden fence.

“I encourage my students to stay curious, be willing to take risks and try something new, and to see themselves as part of something bigger.”

Jennifer is part of our dynamic team of instructors in the Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYFS) program. She brings a unique perspective to the role, honed, in part, through her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology, as well as her bachelor and master’s degrees in Social Work.

“I love teaching students about connection; about relationships and the ways in which we all have the power to dismantle oppressive structures,” she said.

Since joining the CYFS program in August 2017, Jennifer enjoys the opportunity to introduce her students to new concepts and sources of inspiration.

“What I love most about teaching is sharing and amplifying the voices of writers, academics, and activists that may be new to my students,” she said. “In turn, they teach me that people are hungry for a different world. They want to live in a more just and equitable society and are looking for the tools to do so.”

As someone who lives with a chronic illness, Jennifer finds learning how to navigate the world is an ongoing challenge, one that no-doubt influences her instructional approach.

This perspective, in addition to the fact that the CYFS program has been offered online for many years, means, for Jennifer, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t provide a lot of adversities, instructionally. In fact, she found the mass move to online learning has enhanced her access to online instructional tools.

“Through this pandemic, methods and tools to stay connected have become more readily available,” she said. “I think one of the biggest things to learn from this time is that it is much easier to make our world accessible than many may have believed pre-COVID.”

An avid pop culture enthusiast, Jennifer also spends her non-teaching time indulging in her love of all things food-related: cooking, baking, and reading new recipe books. She also enjoys puzzling while listening to podcasts.

“I wish everyone all the best this year and encourage you to take care of your whole self,” she said.