Meet Kevin Boehmer

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“I love the daily interaction, and helping students grow and accomplish hard things.”

Kevin Boehmer is a man of many talents and interests, but as a Chartered Professional Accountant one of his greatest joys is passing on his love for numbers.

“I teach the most amazing course ever known to the human population – Accounting,” he said, only slightly tongue in cheek. “I love teaching because of the amazing students I get to interact with, being able to introduce the practical knowledge that accounting offers, and because accounting has never been associated with boring.”

Jokes aside, Kevin has been imparting his accounting wisdom to College of the Rockies students for the past five years, demonstrating regularly how un-boring the subject can be. He has found that being in the classroom has also helped him, however, as he’s learned to be a better communicator and to be clearer in his instruction to students. Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has further helped him to evolve in his role.

“I’ve learned to be more lenient with my students, and to focus on them more than just the subject matter,” he said.

Outside of his passion for accounting, Kevin can often be found indulging in his love of playing sports (especially hockey and pickleball), spending time with his family, and reading. A big fan of the musical Hamilton, Kevin enjoys singing and has tried his acting chops in some plays in recent years.

“I’ve played comedic heroes, reflective old men, a Frankenstein monster, and even the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol,” he said.

Another of Kevin’s many talents is writing. In fact, he’s currently working on a book that he plans to publish later this year.

“It’s a science fiction style book,” he says. “The hero wakes up one morning to find he has superpowers. This leads to an adventure where he discovers a secret group of heroes with the same powers and is able to solve some century-old mysteries along the way. Even though it is obviously fiction, there are many historical true events included, using the hero as the reason for these to unfold as they do.”

When asked what advice he has for his students, Kevin says, “Never stop never stopping. Jump around! I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.” Though he assures there is some serious inspiration within that advice, he also adds, “you are amazing, wonderful, and fantastic. You can do this!”

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