Meet Kyler

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Image of young man in shirt and tie, carrying a porfolio, standing in front of College of the Rockies

Kyler Robertson loves sunshine! He must – as a Bachelor of Business Administration student he took advantage of an opportunity, through our International department, to skip a Canadian winter and spend a semester in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Then, for the research requirement for the Sustainable Business Practices focus of his degree, he explored the use of solar energy in the Cranbrook region.

Kyler came to us because, as a Cranbrook native, he wanted to stay close to home.  The fact that attending the College was less expensive than many other options and that our Business degree’s focus on Sustainable Business Operations was unique, were added bonuses.

Kyler’s initial look at solar energy in Cranbrook opens the doors for further exploration of the feasibility of increasing solar energy usage in the our sunny city – something we obviously support as an adopter of solar energy ourselves.

Now that Kyler has graduated from his program it is very important to him to have his own thing.  For that reason, he has plans to build and run his own businesses.  We wish you all the best, Kyler!