Meet Noelene Terblanche

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“I love seeing those “AHA!” moments when students first understand a new concept or see how the topic applies to their life and career.”

Noelene Terblanche was born and raised in South Africa, which is where her love for education first blossomed. After instructing at a university of technology in her native country, Noelene – an adventurer at heart – spent a decade as a corporate trainer in a variety of countries in the Middle East. In 2011, her career travels brought her to Vancouver. Now, almost 10 years later, she is a proud Canadian citizen and continues to follow her passion for being an educator.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in Business Management and Statistics, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree with a major in General Management, Noelene has been a perfect fit for the College’s Business programs since she joined us in 2018.

“I am educated as a generalist in business and I enjoy sharing my experiences in a variety of subject areas,” she said. “I love reading about current affairs and international news events that relate to the topics I’m teaching.”

While the ability to make a difference in her students’ lives is one of her favourite things about teaching, Noelene has found her students have also helped to make her better at the job she loves.

“I’ve learned that we all have different life experiences and that all situations should be looked at from different perspectives,” she said. “My students have also taught me the importance of constructive feedback and the power of positive recognition.”

Currently living in the Columbia Valley, Noelene enjoys gardening and being outdoors in the region’s beautiful surroundings. She also has a great love of travel and is often anticipating her next adventure.

“I love experiencing new places and cultures,” she said. “I’ve had the privilege to visit many countries around the world but still need to explore the South American continent. That’s coming soon.”

Noelene’s love of exploration extends beyond travel, however, and she is often an eager participant in new experiences and encounters.

“Whether it’s getting behind the wheel of an F1 car (even if only doing 40 km/h) to hot air ballooning over the desert, I am always game for trying a new adventure.”

As Noelene prepared this summer to lead her students through the adventure of a fall semester of online learning, she had a game plan ready.

“I planned to set simple and consistent expectations so students know what their responsibilities are,” she said. “I’ll also add interactive discussions so students can build a habit of inquiry. My primary aim is to provide active learning opportunities for all, hopefully making online learning a bit more social.”

When asked if she has words of advice for her students, Noelene noted that procrastination is a thief of time so students shouldn’t wait to start assignments. She also encouraged them to be the best version of themselves, before concluding with some wise words from Albert Einstein:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”