Mountain Sustainability Field School – an Adventure of a Lifetime

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Recently a group of students from a variety of programs travelled to Andorra for the College’s first Mountain Sustainability Field School. They were joined by Becky Pelkonen, Tourism, Recreation, and Business instructor and Kerry Brinkert, Manager, International Project and Partnerships. And what a time they had.

After being warmly welcomed in Andorra and provided with first-rate opportunities for rich discussions, the group embarked on a “living lab” experience which helped them to better understand the complex relationships critical for sustainable development and to explore a new outlook on relationships with land and sustainable futures.

In the coming weeks, individuals who participated in this exciting Field School will share more about their experiences here on the blog.  In the meantime, the group would like to extend a huge thank you to those who made the trip such an amazing experience:

Stay tuned right here for future stories about their “living lab” experiences and the Top 10 things they learned about sustainability through this experience.