Reading Week!

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Image shows young woman reading while sitting on a beach chair surrounded by sand.

February 22 – 26 is Reading Week at College of the Rockies.  That’s one whole week off with NO CLASSES!  Now what?  Here are five ideas of what to do with this little gift of time:

1.  Read.  It is called Reading Week, after all.  Haven’t had a chance to actually do all of that reading assigned this semester?  Now is the time to catch up.  Curl up in a quiet corner, sip a latte and read, read, read.  Or, as a super-awesome College of the Rockies student, perhaps you aren’t behind in your assigned readings.  Then what?  Still read!  Read for fun.  Read for entertainment.  Read a romance, a thriller, a graphic novel, the back of your box of Lucky Charms – anything.  Just read.  It’s good for your brain

2. Work on assignments.  Have an end-of-semester research paper coming up?  Save yourself some stress and work on it now.  As tempting as it is to take a total break from school and do nothing, if you work on future assignments now when you have FREE time, you’ll thank yourself later

3. Visit those important people in your life.  Remember your family?  Your friends?  Heck, even your pets?  You deserve a little down time to enjoy a home cooked meal and to go skiing with your bestie (unless your bestie is Fido, then skiing might not be the best option).  Whether you go away on a tropical vacation (lucky you!) or hang out at the local coffee shop, enjoy some down time with those people that mean the most to you

4. Catch up on Netflix.  Haven’t had a chance to check out Making a Murderer yet?  Well, stop what you’re doing, make yourself comfortable on the couch and settle in for the next 10 hours.  Then spend the rest of the week discussing your thoughts with any one of the countless people with strong opinions on the documentary

5. Do nothing.  Ok – I know that this seems to go against what I said in #2, but it is important for you to use SOME of this time to relax.  Sleep in, move at a slower pace, take time for yourself.  The craziness of the semester will be awaiting you on the 29th – so while it is important to take care of what you need to for school – be sure to take care of YOU too.

No matter what you decide to do – we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Reading Week.  We look forward to seeing you again on the 29th!