Rebuilding Computers – and People’s Futures

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Image of young man with glasses standing outside of a house.

Meet John.  John is a dual admission student who is enrolled in his second year at College of the Rockies before he moves on to complete a degree at University of Lethbridge.  He is also an amazing individual who is using his skills to give back to those in need.

In grade 11, John started an organization called Computers for Kids.  He collects used and unwanted computers and refurbishes and rebuilds them for families in need.

Being from Fernie, his original intent was to focus on families local to the area but he has also had the opportunity to help a single mother returning to school in Saskatchewan and five families affected by the disastrous flooding in High River.

John has connected with the Fernie Women’s Resource Centre which gives him the opportunity to assist single mothers with repairs on their personal computers.  He has also reached out to help local seniors and a young entrepreneur just starting his first business.  And he does all of this for FREE!

According to John, “This has been an amazing experience so far and has also helped keep a lot of unwanted computer equipment out of our landfills.”

If you’d like to donate to Computers for Kids, you can reach John at comp.for.kids@gmail.com.  He is always looking for more modern desktops, laptops and tablets to refurbish for people in need.

What an amazing way to give back.  You make us proud, John!