Researching what he loves

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Mitch Tom is an avid mountain biker and frequents the trail system around Kimberley.  He has also worked in the tourism industry, including in a student position with Kimberley Trails Society.  When he was tasked with partnering with industry to conduct a research project as part of his Bachelor of Business Administration sustainability requirements, he knew he wanted to explore the sustainability of the trail system.

To meet program requirements, Mitch needed to develop a research question and choose an appropriate method to conduct the research while complying with research ethics protocol.  He then needed to implement the research and then evaluate the information he received and communicate his results in a formal presentation.

I was lucky enough to sit in on Mitch’s presentation and was impressed by his professional demeanour and passion for his research topic.  He explored the economic, environmental and social impacts of the trail networks surrounding Kimberley with the objective of providing the community with usable data for the future.

Using an online survey tool and social networks, Mitch was able to gather data from 122 respondents.  From the information gathered, he was able to develop a list of recommendations, not only for the Kimberley Trails Society, but for other trails organizations in the area to help them to increase their economic, environmental and social sustainability into the future.

Mitch celebrated the completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices program at the May 29 graduation ceremony.  Congratulations, Mitch!