Self Care During Exam Stress

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Image shows five ducks floating on a lake during sunset, with mountains and the moon in the background.

The College’s Wellness Committee has been collecting health and stress-busting tips from faculty, management and staff that are displayed in the staff lounge at our Cranbrook campus.  As we’re about mid-way through our final exam period – I thought it might be useful to share some of the tips for those who are feeling overwhelmed.  Below I’ve compiled 10 of my favourites:

1.  Exercise daily.  One tip came with a challenge to do the Rec-Plex stairs and with a bit of encouragement – “Yes you can!”  Other tips suggested walks in the Community Forest or just around the block.

2.  Sleep. Lots of submissions focused on sleep – showing just how important it is to overall health and to coping with stress. One tip mentions that every hour of sleep that you get before midnight is worth double the hours after midnight, so it is valuable to get to bed early.  Another suggested downloading a sleep app to chart your sleep patterns and yet another was a reminder to leave your electronics outside of the bedroom and to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

3.  Reconnect with nature.  Get out in the garden or go for a walk in the woods.

4. Focus on you.  Be sure to take a little time for yourself – every day.

5. Find your artistic side.  Do something artsy – whether that means painting, sculpting, writing – or whatever appeals to you.

6.  Decompress.  Have a decompression zone or ritual for when you arrive home. This helps create a mental barrier between work (or school) and your home life.

7.  Furry friend.  Pet your cat, dog, horse, etc.  This can be very relaxing and calming. Don’t have a pet of your own? Visit a friend with one or go and give some shelter animals some love.

8. Wash your troubles away.  Take a long bath with Epsom salts and just relax.

9.  Take time for you.  Spend 15 minutes reading a book in the sunshine and sipping on a nice cup of tea.

10.  Just breathe.  Do some deep breathing to clear your mind or meditate a few minutes every day for stress release.

Hope some of these tips provide food for thought for coping with stress in your every day life.  Good luck to those still writing exams.