Meet Chris McCord

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WorkBC lists critical thinking, active listening, and judgement and decision-making as some of the top skills needed for a career as an Electrician. They are also handy skills to have when teaching others.

Chris McCord honed his skills in the electrical industry for eight years after earning his Red Seal certification. After spending many of those years teaching field skills to apprentices on work sites, transitioning to teaching in the classroom seemed like a natural path. He returned to school to earn his Master Electrician certification and now shares his love for the trade with students in the College’s Electrician program.

“The great thing about a career in the Electrical trade is that you never stop learning, there’s always something new to discover,” he said.

One of his greatest joys now is being able to connect with his students and help them to discover new things about the trade.

“I love interacting with the students and seeing the light bulb turn on when they grasp a concept,” he said. “They, in turn, have taught me to be patient and to understand that everyone learns things at a different pace.”

An avid outdoorsman, Chris loves enjoying the Kootenay lifestyle, often with his dog Bear by his side.

While he feels that teaching a hands-on trade during a global pandemic helped him become a better instructor and communicator, he reminds his students that they are largely responsible for their own successes.

“Effort is important in everything you do,” he said. “What you put in you will get out.”