Showing the Way

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Image shows College of the Rockies banner with mountains in the background.

If you’ve driven on Victoria Avenue in Cranbrook in recent days, you may have noticed a colourful new addition to the lamp poles.  New College of the Rockies banners now add some vibrancy to the Victoria Avenue corridor while they simultaneously increase the visibility of the College.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between the College and the City of Cranbrook which saw the College cover the costs of the banners while the City put forth the labour needed to install them. We are so grateful to continue to work with our communities as partners.

New directional signs for both our Cranbrook and Invermere campuses have also been installed – once again, thanks to the City of Cranbrook and the District of Invermere for their time and labour.  We think these new directional signs, combined with the banners in Cranbrook will help people unfamiliar with the area to find some of our more difficult to locate campuses.

Feedback on our Facebook page about the banners has been overwhelmingly positive so we hope the Cranbrook community is as pleased with their addition as we are. Personally, I love seeing them as I drive to and from work – I definitely feel #SmallCollegeProud. College of the Rockies is, after all, the region’s community college. Seeing the banners feels like a celebration of that. We hope everyone likes them as much as we do here.