Small College Proud

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Image shows front entrance of College of the Rockies, including signage.

We got a lovely new sign on our main campus Kootenay Centre building the other day.  It is quite lovely and depicts our new logo.  The logo is a part of our new brand identity.  That got me thinking about identity in general and the College’s identity specifically.

A part of our brand promise – our commitment to students – is to be Rocky Mountain Inspired, Small College Proud.  The first part of that promise is easy – who can disagree with the inspiration one draws from the magnificence and power of the Rocky Mountains?  We are so lucky to be surrounded by stunning landscapes and breathtaking beauty.

Where things get a little more controversial is the Small College Proud part of the promise.  Some people might see being a small college as a disadvantage.  And while it is true – we can’t compete with some aspects of big college or big university life – maybe that is what makes us special!

Being small college proud means:

  • You not only can make friends with your classmates – but with your instructors.  You can build real relationships with them and they will care about your successes and help you work through your failures.
  • Science students get WAY more lab time than you could ever dream of getting at a big university. And more time to practice what you’re learning means you can gain a better understanding.  No wonder our students do the best of any transfer students in BC once they transfer to university.
  • It’s not just University Studies, Science students who benefit.  Our Kinesiology students also rave about getting hands-on experience with equipment that most students don’t get introduced to until year 3 or 4.  And then there is the state-of-the –art SimMan that the nursing program just acquired!
  • Many of our instructors have PhD’s.  You will not get a lesser education because you’re at a small college.  In fact, the personal attention you can get from our highly knowledgeable faculty can enhance your education.
  • Attending a post-secondary institution is a big change – whether you’re coming right from high school or if you’re returning to school after some time away.  A small college is a great transition to post-secondary.  You have many of the same expectations placed on you as you’d have at a bigger institution but a more supportive environment to help you cope.
  • We play well with others – between our dual admission agreements with UVIC and University of Lethbridge and our numerous transfer agreements – it is so easy to start at College of the Rockies and then move on to complete a degree elsewhere.  Why fork out thousands of extra dollars to do all four years at a university when you can get the same education at a fraction of the price by taking your first two years at the College?

I could continue to list benefits of coming to College of the Rockies – I didn’t even touch on our options to complete a degree or a post-degree credential – but the bottom line is this:  we have a LOT of reasons to be Small College Proud.  We may be small – but we’re mighty.  And of that, I’m mighty proud.