Student Profile – Jenna

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Image of young woman with stethoscope, in scrubs, standing by hospital bed.

Jenna Sirucek came from Calgary for the Practical Nursing program because she was looking for a smaller college where she could receive the one-on-one attention not available at a larger institution.

“There are 17 students in my class, I am able to get one-on-one assistance every day!” she says.  “The teachers here are amazing.  Not only are they very understanding and patient but they are also fun.  They are always available for extra help and give great feedback to help us improve.”

Jenna has been enjoying more than just her classroom experience.  She finds the College community is a great one to be a part of.  “It’s a great atmosphere at COTR.  It is like a family.  Everyone knows everyone and says hi to each other in the halls.  I have yet to meet anyone I don’t like.”

With a fully equipped nursing ward at the Cranbrook main campus and practical experience in the community, nursing students like Jenna receive hands-on learning that prepares them for real-life workplace scenarios.  “We are in our first semester of the program but we are already doing practicums.  We are getting great hands-on experience right from the start of the program,” Jenna adds.

If being a busy student isn’t enough, Jenna also acts as a Student Ambassador for the College.  “I wanted a way to get involved with the post-secondary institution I chose.  I fell in love with the College and want to be able to represent it.”  Whenever someone is needed to help at an event or to promote the College, Jenna is always eager to participate.  We love having students like Jenna…and we know she’s going to make one terrific nurse!